Let’s Bridge The Generational Gap

This is a great way that “We, the People can give back to those who serve us! Do your small part to Help Heal PTSD – Americans need us!

Technology is hindering personal human reaction these days and that is making us numb and lonely as a nation. Look up from your phone today and grab a piece of paper. Write some nice thoughts on it to your mom or dad, your grandparents, a deployed Veteran or your lonely neighbor down the street. Then hand address it & go mail it to them. They will appreciate that you took the time to think about them and that is way better than sending an email or text.

See how that makes you feel as you drop it in the mailbox for delivery!  Maybe they will call you when they read your thoughts but my hope is they will write you back though – so you can see how it feels for yourself. People should write more letters these days – like the older generations did. We must remember that there is a reason our nation is the greatest in the world and the US MAIL helped to lead us here!

This is OUR CHANCE TO HEAL OUR NATION – make a commitment to write more of your thoughts on paper and share them by mail for the next two years. Not just for Christmas or Birthdays – your real words will lift people’s spirits!

And if you feel that you don’t have anything to share – just share this story! Use this healing PTSD stamp to engage those you love and this effort will help heal our nation in more ways than one !

Important Points About The Project


  • The proceeds from the sale of this stamp will go directly to the Veterans Administration (VA). More specifically, The National Center for PTSD. The Center serves Veterans and ANYONE seeking more information on where to get help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


  • There is a limited time to help our PTSD Center. Due to USPS Regulations this project will only last for two years and the Healing PTSD Stamp can only be sold from 12/3/2019 – 12/3/2021. There is a way we can extend that time frame but it will take an act of Congress.


  • There are numerous ways a person like you can help us! Buy some stamps and mail some letters to the ones you love! A short written note is a great way to share your thoughts with a loved one!  You can also help us spread the word, volunteer with us or host an event!


  • Can we share information about this project with your organization? Let’s work together to show people living with PTSD that we care. Just talking about this subject in your daily routine could lead to someone getting help. There are numerous ways for us to communicate with your people, in person, recorded message or even Livestream over the web!