Check out the photos we have snapped along this journey

The photos you will see on this page have been collected since 2007. Everytime Garland Denny met with any leader he took a picture to prove he had spoken with them. His effort is very impressive you will see!

It wasn’t about being a Demorcrat or Repubican in Garland’s eyes, it was about working for Veterans. Veterans are our foundation and they are the key in the success of America!

Let’s put politics aside to focus on the people in our country. It is time we take care of our own – will you join us?

Working in Washinton, DC outside the EEOB

President Barack Obama

President Bill Clinton

President Jimmy Carter

Senator Elizabeth Dole

Congressman Robert Pittenger

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Congresswoman Sue Myrick

General Wesley Clark

White House Visit 2014

Always working the phones, with his Darlin’

Going to Another Meeting

And then …..

We laid him to rest…

VFW# 5464 Post Re-Dedication

Making The USPS Submission for the Stamp

Congressional Medal of Honor Holder Joe Marm (2018)

Chuck Denny with WWII Veteran PFC James Crump of Indian Trail

WWII Veteran of the Normandy Invasion – PFC James Crump

Chuck Denny meets US Postmaster General Meghan Brennan

US Postmaster General Meghan Brennan (2017)

First Daughter Ivanka Trump (2016)

White House Chief of Staff – Mick Mulvanney (2018)

Vice President Mike Pence in Charlotte (2018)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (2018)

Charlotte Mayor Vi Liles & USPS Officials (2019)

Governor Pat McCrory when Mayor of Charlotte (2008)

Derby Family – Longtime supporters of the Stamp

Bowser from Sha-na-na

Coyote Peterson – Brave Wilderness on Discovery

Stole some sugar in The White House

Garland On The Front Page of The White House Website

Met President Bill Clinton

Ashley Judd meets Garland in Charlotte, NC

Ashley Judd

Rocky Blier

Congressman Robert Pittenger

Mayor Jennifer Roberts

Charlie Brown

Chuck Denny meets Dr. Paula Schnurr in North Carolina

Dr. Paula Schnurr – ED – NCPTSD

Chuck Denny meets with Koby Langley of the American Red Cross

Koby Langley – American Red Cross