Garland Denny wanted The Healing PTSD Stamp to help Veterans and Citizens

Garland Denny wanted to “leave our country in a little better place after he was gone”.

Chuck Denny meets US Postmaster General Meghan Brennan

Chuck Denny meets US Postmaster General Meghan Brennan in Baltimore, Maryland (NOV 2017)

This story started in 2006…

Garland Denny was a Korean War Veteran of the Navy. For the last nine years of his life he lobbied numerous US Presidents, Members of Congress, Governors, Town Councils and Citizens across the country to join together and help Veterans in their own small way.

His idea was to get the USPS to design a new postal stamp that could be sold as a fundraiser to help our Veterans. Mr. Denny was a longtime resident of the Charlotte area from the late 1950’s until his death in October 2015. His efforts on this project have been outlined many times on local tv, newspapers and blogs.

Garland passed away before seeing his dream become a reality. After his passing, his youngest son – Chuck Denny reached out to the USPS and told them about Garland’s Story. The USPS recommended that we send in a formal submission outling the support.

After reading the Denny Family’s proposal and after studying all of Garland’s hard work – the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee made a recommendation to US Postmaster General, Meghan Brennan to create the stamp. About 4 months after the recommendation; the Postmaster General reached out to congratulate us that the Healing PTSD Stamp was going to be a reality. She decided to make Garland’s dream come true and now Veterans and Citizens both will get the benefits!

Garland’s idea all along was to bring people together. Garland would say “This is a way that We, The People can all do our own small part to help Veterans. Our government doesn’t have to do it – we the people will! A person can buy a few stamps in honor of their loved one and then go mail a couple of letters to another that they haven’t said hey to in a while. That is a nice surprise and at the same time it could potentially be helping to cure PTSD”.

Garland’s story doesn’t stop here though – if you want to learn more; including the ways you can do your small part to help him make this project even better – plan to attend the 1st day Release Ceremony on December 2, 2019 . You can also join our subscribers list at the bottom of this page to make sure you get our updates as they happen.

Note: A semi-postal stamp is unique stamp that raises funds for a particular cause. There are strict rules in place that the USPS must follow in this process. The funds from the sale of the Healing PTSD Stamp will go directly to The National Center for PTSD which is a division of the Veterans Administration.

Success – December 2, 2019 – USPS Released the Healing PTSD Stamp !

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Chuck Denny meets Dr. Paula Schnurr in North Carolina

Dr. Paula Schnurr

Chuck Denny meets with Koby Langley of the American Red Cross

Koby Langley

Chuck Denny talks about his father’s journey to help others