Take the Unity Challenge

Let’s show that America is Stronger than our Politics!

The fastest way to mend America is to make a unified commitment to serve others!

That is one of the principal reasons our nation has existed for over 240 years! Our Veterans & First Responders selflessly put their lives on the line for us every day. Let’s make a commitment to work together to honor them – starting now!

If you are tired of hearing about the political divide these days, we invite you to be proactive with us & make the conscience choice to help those who serve us Freedom & Safety.

Read the statement below; sign the form if you agree & click submit. Your voice will be heard in Washington when we ask Congress to sign The PTSD Stamp Act.

Listen as The Denny’s issue a challenge to our nation!


In honor of the Americans who have selflessly served our nation; I do hereby proclaim that for the next year I will personally make a commitment to;

  • put party politics aside & become a focused advocate to Help Heal PTSD.
  • learn more about PTSD so that if my friends, my family or myself ever need assistance in the future – I am better prepared to help.
  • ask 1 new citizen a day to accept the Unity Challenge.
  • write more personal notes to my friends & family by mail & use the Healing PTSD Stamp to pay my US postage rates.
  • look forward to a new law, signed by Congress, that I will have worked with others to help create called – The PTSD Stamp Act !

Your Voice Will Help Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Medics, Citizens & the families that care for them all.